December and Me..

I find this month, more than most, that I begin to reflect. Not only on my life, but that of the world as a whole. From our very existence, to the individual, personal touches such as acts of kindness that we actively take/see each day. The problem is, is that I have become quite the … More December and Me..


Is it sad that i find editing more enjoyable than writing? No pressure to come up with the next story line, the next plot twist. Instead, it is correcting the plot holes and fixing the grammar mistakes. Writing is 10% writing, 90% editing (at least for me) so i guess this works in my favor. … More Editing.

Dare To Fail.

With my writing over the years, i have found that the battle isn’t just getting the words onto the paper (or screen). Writing is an internal battle between yourself, procrastination but also the often overwhelming feeling that what are you doing is destined to fail. This makes me consider why i chose to write and … More Dare To Fail.