Writing Competitions – Worth A Punt.

Are you just starting out on your writing travels but have found it difficult to get onto the writing saddle (Please note – The saddle is factitious and should not be used). Perhaps you need to start smaller.


By small, I do not mean a short story. Personally, I find limiting myself to the word count of a short story very challenging. A lot more challenging than writing a novel (perhaps this is because there is no limit to the amount of utter rubbish you can put into a novel.. but never mind).

I would recommend to subscribe to a writing magazine. They are a treasure trove of knowledge and expertise from professionals and beginners alike and often have a number of competitions you can enter (often for a small entrance fee). These competitions can be great, not only to get you started on your writing journey, but also to gain exposure to receiving feedback (not to mention the potential winnings).
award-155595__180Feedback. Likely the most nerve-trembling aspect of a writer’s life. Your work, your words, that you have put so much time and care into, being judged, harshly but fairly, by somebody you likely will never meet. It is a vital curve to conquer however, and one made easier through these means.

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