Modern Age Writers


Sipping my coffee and staring into the glare of my laptop screen, I can’t help but think of the times gone by where writing may not have been so easy (Please note – writing is never easy, period).

Years ago where writers only had their trusty, loud and often messy typewriter. Making a mistake wasn’t just a push of the delete button, it was a highly noticeable mark on the page (the editing process must have been horrendous).

Go back further of course and you return to pen and paper. This is still a trusted resource for writing today as i know many writers that still use it over more technological means.

Each one to their own. Personally, if I didn’t have the leisure of a delete button, or the convenience of a ‘spell check’, i really do not know how i would cope (Please note – in light of this statement, should there be grammatical errors or spelling mistakes present in this post, these are purely there for ironic purposes..).

One thought on “Modern Age Writers

  1. I couldn’t agree with you more! I depend on technology so much to write. Having the ability to pull up multiple screens to see previous chapters/older versions of the same scene to see how to improve it during revision is so helpful.

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