Day 22 – A Writer’s Journey

So today is day 22 on my journey into a new story.

I must say, if I was doing ‘NanoWriMo’, i would be failing majorly right now at a meagre 16225 words with the end of the month in sight. However, I feel definate progress in the story. It is a story I am still enjoying writing. It is a story I feel excited about as i am intrigued on where it will end (I do have a vague view of what the ending may be like, although as we all know, such prediction is almost always flawed and also heavily likely to be incorrect).

I think it is an important aspect of the writing journey to still have personal interest. Are you still interested in the story itself or are you needlessly writing, desperately trying to re-light a spark in the story. If you are struggling to find interest in your story, surely your reader will be too?

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