A Writer’s Journey – Update

As expected, the story has reached its mid-way point and with it, my enthusiasm and determination has begun to fade.

Yes. You could say that if I am feeling this way then what will the readers be feeling like when they happen across these sections of the book. I accept that, but I also think that getting past such obstacles will eventually bring me to the editing stage. It is here when the major tinkering can begin. My current thoughts are as follows:

– Continue the story until the end is reached.

– Begin the editing stage early to then gain better insight into where and how to take the story forward.

– Begin a new story (this is very unlikely however as you may as well say RIP to the current story).

Whilst my writing has slipped slightly, it is still in the fore-front of my mind every single day. The writing itch never goes away.. To the next chapter..

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