Short Stories: Underestimated?

I have dabbled into writing short stories in the past and whilst they may take considerably less time than a fully fledged novel, i find them much more challenging.

With a short story, you need to concentrate the content of the story into a set amount of words which makes each individual sentence much more relevent. Equally, you need to get key points across to the reader in a much more refined way.

I think short stories on the face of it come across as an easier prospect, however like anything that looks easy, you soon find out it is much more difficult than it first looked.

Give me a novel any day.

One thought on “Short Stories: Underestimated?

  1. Ha! I was writing about the same the other day. I too find short stories more challenging in a way: plotting and writing a whole novel might be difficult, but in the end with enough time, it can be done fairly easily and even if not everything is perfect, the stronger scenes will make up for the weaker ones. With a short story, that’s not the case.

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