We all know the word. Some may know it better than others. Certainly myself.

Yes, its one of the biggest challenges to overcome when trying to be creative, but how do we combat it? Well to me, it’s all about:

1. Dedicating a particular time, where possible to your craft. Spontinuity, whilst it can work, is unlikely to get those larger projects completed.

2. Setting a target.

3. Ensuring to set a marker so you know exactly what the task at hand will be the next time you return to your work. This way you’re not ‘winging it’ every time to get back to it.

4. Find inspiration through whatever means you have. Inspiration can be from completely different things, for each one of us.

5. Where possible, define a specific space for your work. Heck, plaster it with inspirational trinkets and posters (if you want).

How do you overcome the lure of procrastination? Maybe you write blog posts about procrastination? Equally, how do you combat it, do you have any tips to share?

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