Writers and Coffee Shops.

For the most-part and somewhat in a stereotypical sense, these two go hand in hand.

Personally, I feel that if I walk into a coffee shop and there is somebody relentlessly bashing away on a keyboard then it is only right. It feels right. Even if it does make me feel rather inadequate and that I really should be getting on with my own projects more.

Recently in the news however, it was mentioned about those who come to coffee shops to work, with laptops and such. It mentioned that by doing so, there must be certain rules in place to govern such activity. After all, why should you be able to spend four hours in a coffee shop, when you have only bought yourself a small latte over that time.

It makes business sense, but is it punishing those who are perhaps the biggest fans of the good-old coffee shop? Is it unfair on the business, is it being exploited?

Let me know your thoughts. Should rules be implemented within coffee shops? If so, what should the rules dictate? Perhaps rules already exist in your local shop or large chain. If so, what are they?

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