The Point & Click Adventure

I have recently had a craving for nostalgia in gaming. Specifically with those old-style point and click adventures that seem much more rare these days.

There are many to choose from these days, but there was always something quite different about the old-style of play. Less 3D with more mystery, where if felt like an achievement just to progress to the next screen/scene of new animations and drawings. The three I hold dearly are:

Broken Sword: The Shadow of the Templars

Memorable characters and a story that you want to continue through to the end. This being achieved with humour, a great art-style, an intriguing story and interesting locales.

Discworld 2

Humour is key in this title. Although it does offer a similar art direction and gameplay mechanic than Broken Sword. The story is altogether different, whilst offering a different kind of humour too.


Mysterious, yet charming. Myst lands you on a barren rock with countless areas to explore, conquer before moving you onto different plains through the power of ‘interactive’ books. I found that this game offered a creepy feel to it, due to the way you traverse the world, which adds to its overall charm.

Each of the above holds its own different premise but all have that classic point and click premise.

What games do you miss? Have you got any other recommendations, given the above?

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