Diary of a Writer: Post 1

Do I consider myself a writer, yes and no.

Do I feel like I should write more, definitely.

Do I feel like I should be writing right now, instead of writing this blog post, absolutely.

Isn’t that the problem that a lot of writers face though? The constant lure of procrastination. Especially with someone who has the attention span of a goldfish, I can vouch that it is a rather difficult task to maintain my focus or even get a few words down from day-to-day, but we must try.

I begin this new line of posts in the hope of continuing them and voicing the range of obstacles that may come my way. Thus, I suspect, being feelings of self-doubt, self-loathing and perhaps the occasional tear (lets hope not). Hopefully though, this will also be spread with moments of inspiration and passion.

Keep tuned.

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