Word Count: The Be All and End All?

I see a lot of people on Twitter and across other platforms go on about word count. Often performing word count marathons or sprints. The question is, is word count that important? Surely it is more to do with quality over quantity?


It would be easy to condemn this outright and say yes, but personally I believe word count is vital. Perhaps not for the book as a whole, but as a motivational tool. A word count sets a goal to reach which is very important when slogging through page after page of often less exciting scenes.

Additionally, a word count offers a social aspect too. It engages you but also those around you in a mutual goal. Writing is often seen as a solitary pursuit, and this helps to eleviate this and make it much more of a community based endeveour.

Word count. Overrated in its relevance to the book itself. Fantastic for motivation and for building a community.

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